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A healthy community is a community that is capable of planning its future 

The essential ingredients in order to guarantee a high standard of living are the existence of a certified welfare system, an efficient National healthservice based on research and prevention, voluntary work and attention towards safety.

Legacoop Forlì Cesena, IRST and LILT host the event “La Settimana del Buon Vivere”, an opportunity during which to discuss the issues of how wellbeing contributes to our society and how a lifestyle based on IDENTITY helps us feel part of the territory.

A project which inspires that sense of hospitality which is so typical of our territory.

The knowledge of how to implement change for ourselves and for the whole community.

In this context each Institution plays a fundamental role and is strengthened by its new way of operating. Each Association contributes towards the qualification of the territory by considering the needs of the citizens and of the companies that it represents.

The PERSON is the main character.

Only in relationships with others is proper wellbeing achieved. It is impossible to conceive progress and economic development wellbeing.

Relationships are the theme which characterise the seven elements of this second edition.

“General wellbeing is characterised by successful relationships with others.

It is impossible to separate the benefit that each individual receives from the other.”

(Stefano Zamagni)

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